Time for a Change!

Wait! Stop! No, you're not in the wrong place - I've just updated my look a little bit! Consider it my blog's version of a new summer 'do. I got so tired of my old header which, let's face it, was just a really bad quality photo of my recently-read shelf. But I'm no genius web designer, and I didn't really want to shell out the big bucks to pay someone to redo the whole thing. I finally put some time and effort into it, and came up with a slightly cleaner, slightly more mature look with some nice spring-like colours.

Not sure if I'll stick with this - I'm still playing around with some other ideas - so don't be shocked if you come back next week and it has changed yet again! Bear with me, I want to get it just right.

What do you guys think? Better? Or did you like the old header more? Let me know what you think!


  1. I really love this one! Sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit :)

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

  2. I like it a lot, the colors a great. I'm thinking about changing mine for months. I'm so sick of it. You did a great job!

  3. I really like it hun, I'm not just saying that. I think the colours work really well together :). Well done to you, I can't design at all either haha.


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