On the face of it, this has not been an impressive reading month for me. I only checked off three completed books:

But WAIT. Don't judge quite yet. I also started and did not finish more books than usual last month. Some I got quite far in. So it's not like I wasn't reading. Honest. Here's what I got at least 50 pages into:

(I even finished Station Eleven last night and am at 70% with The Woman Who Went To Bed. So there.)

Despite being short on finished books, September felt like a good reading month for me. Hearts & Minds took a bit more work than most of the books I've read recently. It was a darkly psychological, character-driven book that delved deep into the secret world of illegal immigrants who are the backbone of London life, taking up the jobs that are either too unsavory for those with other, above-board options or that no one would ever choose if they had another option. It was heartbreaking and yet oddly hopeful, and left me feeling....well, all kinds of feels, really. This Is Where I Leave You I read just in time for the movie, both of which I loved (though the movie more so). And finally My Salinger Year, though not one of my favourites of the year, did transport me to an interesting time in the history of publishing and had enough going for it that I'd classify it as a worthwhile read.

This wasn't my most prolific month here on the blog. I've got excuses (work, weather, allergies, good TV shows starting up again...). I'll try to be a better blogger next month. I did write a few decent posts, though, that you might have missed:

Reviews published in September:
And some other posts you might have missed:
So that was September! I am beginning to realize that the Fall slump is really a thing. I've been so tired lately, and though I have SO MANY books I want to read, just sitting there, waiting for me... I've been spending more time poking around online, watching returning TV shows (Scandal! Chicago Fire! Parenthood! Bones! Big Bang Theory!) and a few really cool new ones (Forever! How To Get Away With Murder! Madam Secretary!) and, as pathetic as this sounds, sleeping than usual. I'm hoping that allergy season will disappear with the foliage and that I'll adjust to the darkness and get back to reading more soon. In the meantime, share what you guys read last month in the comments and maybe you'll inspire me!


  1. I hate allergy season. :| I used to get the WORST allergies every year, especially around spring. I'm a lot better now, thankgoodness. Maybe I grew out of the worst of them? It's horrible though, because my 3yrs nephew has the same probably and I hate watching him suffer through allergies in spring. Poor little guy. GAH I HATE ALLERGIES. *fumes quietly*

    1. For me it was the opposite - I never used to have any problems. Then a few years ago I started having issues in the spring. Now it seems that I'm allergic to dust or mold or something so I've got it in the Fall. I feel for the little dude. This shit SUCKS.

  2. Really excited to read Station Eleven! The literary agency I work at is reading it for our fall book club. I've head really great things about it!

    1. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. Masterfully written and I like how she handles the post-apocalytic angle - it becomes a setting rather than the focal point, and the characters are still the main focus. Not a boring moment! Hope you find it as enjoyable as I did!


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