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I don't know about you, but where I live, winter is really setting in. The leaves have turned, the days have shortened, and there's a distinct chill in the air. There's even talk of snow next week. SNOW.

While the darkness is oppressive, it's difficult to find clothes that match in the dark every morning and I abhor being damp and shivery (I live on the west coast - better known as the WET coast), there are some things I enjoy about colder weather.

I love fuzzy socks. I love thick, cozy scarves. I love warm drinks (especially Starbucks' peppermint mochas). But more than anything, I love the feeling of snuggling up in my flannel pjs with a fleece blanket and a really good book.


I've got high standards for winter reading, though. In spring and summer I'll push on as far as I can in a book I'm not enjoying. But in the winter, I'm having none of it. I need books that are going to completely immerse me, take all my attention and build a magical world around me to replace the drab reality of west coast rain.

I've always been one to save the best for last. The best cards in Crazy Eights, the best bite of my dinner, my favourite pens and notebooks, my Halloween candy. So it's not surprising that when it's coming up to winter, I start setting aside some of my most anticipated reads so I've got something to look forward to. (If you want to see which books I'm currently hoarding, check my most recent Top Ten Tuesday post.)

But no matter how many fantastic books I've stockpiled, every year, when Christmas is just around the corner, I have an overwhelming urge to retreat to a fictional world that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, will not disappoint. My go-to? The entire Harry Potter series (and all the movies).



I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's already on my radar after Halloween (pumpkin juice, anyone??). Or because Hogwarts is my happy place. There's no literary world I'd rather escape to when the real one gets a bit too dreary. Whatever the reason, dipping into the series has become part of my Christmas tradition.

 I mean, come on. Who WOULDN'T want to spend Christmas here?

Which has me wondering - do you have any Christmas or winter reading traditions? Do you save summery reads for cold weather, or seek out seasonal stories? Do you like a good re-read to brighten up those short, dark winter days? (What about movies? This might be a book blog, but I love me a good Christmas story!)


  1. I have never thought about it before, but I do most of my re-reading in winter too. Strange. Oh, and I am a summer person, but I love winter clothes too.

    1. I've come to the conclusion that I'm neither a summer nor a winter person - I think I'm best when the air is crisp, but it's not too cold, when I can wear cozy scarves but still feel my toes and when there's a chance of snow but it's not raining all the damn time. So, for where I live, that means there are about 5 days every year that are PERFECT. But, if I have to, I'll take warm blankets and fleece sheets over sweaty bus rides any day!

  2. I hate to admit it, but I have never read the Harry Potter series! Shocking I know! On my blog, I've talked about how I am making it a priority this winter, and your post just reinforced that for me! Side note - I also LOVE peppermint mochas as well!

    1. You know what? I think there are a lot of people who haven't read the books. I feel like everyone pretty much knows the story now - they've heard about it and seen the movies (probably at least twice). And while I'd still recommend the books (they're so well written, and I love how the difficulty of the books increases as the characters grow up), as long as you know who Harry Potter is... well, you can still be part of our bookworm tribe! :) that said.... let me know what you think if you DO get to the books! And I *may* have had a peppermint mocha this morning.... possibly.... ;)


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