Time to look at the books I added to my shelves this week with Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews! Not necessarily books I bought - also includes books I borrowed, was given or otherwise ended up with. Weeks I don't buy any books I'll scramble around my shelves and find some I haven't shared in an StS post yet!

Foxfire - Joyce Carol Oates

I was obsessed with this movie when I was a teenager. Which probably dates me, but I absolutely loved it.


Somehow I never got around to reading the book, though - probably because it wasn't very well known and my local library didn't carry it. I saw it the other day, though, and figured it was high time.

 Us - David Nicholls
My October - Claire Holden Rothman
Dollbaby - Laura Lane McNeal

And finally:

Little Failure - Gary Shteyngart

Mainly because of this:

So that's my week in books! What about you guys? Find any great deals or dig out any long-forgotten books in the backs of your shelves this week? Have you read any of these? Share in the comments!

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