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 Those of you who know me know that I'm not a big fan of horror - whether in movies, books or TV shows. I'm okay with gore, but show me one creepy scene with something unnatural (think The Grudge) and that's it, I'm out of there.

Strangely, I'm usually fine with violence - Criminal Minds is one of my favourite shows (though I won't watch it if I'm home alone, and I especially will not even go near Stalker unless someone is in the next room - preferably the same room). But scary or creepy past a certain point and I go from fine to cowering in a corner under a blanket very quickly. Pretty much like this:


I bring this up because the other day I received a review copy of a new book called Someone Is Watching from Random House of Canada. I requested this book. I read the synopsis of the book, and I thought it looked like my kind of thing. I then promptly forgot about it until it hit my mail box. When it arrived I re-read the synopsis on the back cover and found myself wondering what I was thinking. It still looks like a great book, but it also looks like a really scary one! I mentioned Stalker up above because that is exactly what this book brought to mind.


Here's the description:
As a special investigator for a hotshot Miami law firm, Bailey Carpenter is smart, savvy, and fearless. When she's assigned to spy on a deadbeat dad in the  middle of the night, Bailey thinks nothing of the potential dangers, only that she needs to gather evidence. Then she is blindsided - attached and nearly killed. 
Now Bailey's nightmares merge into her waking hours and she's unable to venture beyond her front door without panicking. Soon she finds a new use for her idle binoculars: casually observing from her window neighboring buildings and other people's lives. This seemingly harmless diversion becomes a guilty pleasure when Bailey fixates on the handsome guy across the street - until she realizes that he is also watching her. Suddenly she must confront the terrifying possibility that he may be the man who shattered her life.
With the police making no headway in solving her case, Bailey's determined to overcome her terror and reclaim the power she lost by unmasking her attacker and taking him down herself. But it's a harrowing battle that threatens to wreck her credibility, compromise an investigation, and maybe even claim her sanity.
A pulse-pounding thriller, Someone Is Watching boasts the extraordinary edge-of-your-seat storytelling of bestselling author Joy Fielding at the height of her powers.
See what I mean? Creepy. 

So now I've got this awesome book in my eager little hands and I'm almost too scared to open it! It doesn't help that this is my first Fielding book, so I'm not familiar with her work and have no idea whether her books are usually terrifying or if I'll be able to handle it.

This is where you guys come in - surely one of you has read her books before? If you have, can you tell me what to expect? Do you think I can handle it? And have you ever encountered a book too scary to finish? (I suppose if it gets really bad I can always put it in the freezer...)


  1. Oddly enough the only books that have ever scared me are creepy fairy tales that I read as a kid, and I don't think they would scare me now (The Grudge did scare me).

    There is no creepy music in books, and you read at your own pace not nothing just out at you.. I'm sure it'll be fine :)

  2. I think supernatural stuff scares me more than stalkers...but this does sound creepy! If you do read it I'm curious to know what you think and whether you like it :)


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