My Week On Wednesday is a weekly link-up post in which I share with you what I've been reading, what I'm reading next, and any other bookish stuff I enjoyed in the past week! (Click on book images to view Goodreads page.)

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I've had a great reading week so far - Bout of Books has me more focused on spending time with my books! So far I've finished two - Boo, which I've already reviewed (read it here) and Life After Life, which I was reading in preparation for A God In Ruins. I enjoyed both of these books, though Life After Life was definitely my favourite of the two. I get what all the fuss was about! Full review to come, but for now let me say that while I'm not usually a fan of historical fiction, when I do read it I prefer England in the early- to mid-20th century. This book straddles both, and also manages to take time travel and make it fit without feeling sci fi-ish and without overt inconsistencies. So it ended up being a very enjoyable read, one that I imagine I'll be thinking about for a while to come!

Currently reading:


After finishing up with Boo and Life After Life,  I dived directly into these two. So far I'm loving We Are Made of Molecules (I'm not as far into A God In Ruins and I know it'll take a little longer to feel my way into, but I anticipate loving it as well!). WAAMoM should be a quick read, so I'm hoping to finish it today or tomorrow.

Up next:


I'm excited to get into this - I'll be reading it with the lovely Katie from Bookish Tendencies. You know, once she's finished having her heart torn out by A Little Life (sorry, Katie!). I've heard nothing but positive feedback about this book, so it's definitely one I'm looking forward to!

In other news:

I just got back from the dentist. No, I don't want to talk about it. Send chocolate.


On a happier note, I did finally see Age of Ultron, and it's definitely worth heading to the theatre for! Lots of action and plenty of humour. Just how I like it.



That's it for my week - what about you guys? Link up or share in the comments!


  1. Several thoughts... 1) I might have to give Life After Life another go - I just could NOT get into it when I tried reading it awhile back, but my tastes have changed a bit, and all this mad praise makes me want to try again. 2) I'm about half way through A Little Life, and some terrible things are happening. To the point where I almost feel physically ill, and find myself clenching all of my muscles while reading. Gah! 3) I'm VERY excited to read TGWATG!!!

  2. I've heard of We Are Made of Molecules and The Girl With All the Gifts and I hope you enjoy them! Just wanted to say HIII to a fellow Vancouverite :D

    Eileen @ BookCatPin


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