My Week On Wednesday is a weekly link-up post in which I share with you what I've been reading, what I'm reading next, and any other bookish stuff I enjoyed in the past week! (Click on book images to view Goodreads page.)

Just shelved:

This is two weeks in one, since I missed last week because I was too busy celebrating getting older! I also had lots of fun stuff going on - so I've been reading more slowly. Only these two books in the past two weeks! Oh well, hopefully I'll pick up again.

Currently reading:


To be totally honest I'm struggling with all of these in different ways. Not because they're not good, but because they're challenging (in terms of content, layout or style). I'm about halfway through each, and hoping to get through them this week.

Up next:


I started Anne's House of Dreams and I'm really looking forward to getting back to it! I'm also really excited for The Girl With All the Gifts, which I'm planning as a buddy read with Katie from Bookish Tendencies. Perhaps the level of anticipation I have for these two is making the rest of my reading go slower, I don't know. But I am very much looking forward to when I can finally crack TGWATG open!

In other news:

I spent the past couple of days visiting family and friends in Victoria, and while I was there I made the rounds of bookstores, including the famous Munro's Books, which is one of my favourite bookstores. Definitely worth checking out, and conveniently located next to Murchie's, where you can enjoy a tea break before diving back into the books!

So that's my last two weeks in books - what have you guys been up to?


  1. Looks like you had a decent week :) Miss Emily, looks really intriguing. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. I had a fantastic week! I really enjoyed Miss Emily - it's a brilliant fictional re-telling that interweaves the two main characters' perspectives to create a plot you really care about. Definitely recommended!

  2. So glad you've been having fun times, especially around your birthday! I'm also super pumped to get to TGWATG - I renewed it from the library, and can renew once more... so 6 weeks is our deadline!!! (Otherwise I'll just buy it, which is totally fine too!!!) :)

    1. Oh man, I'm struggling so much with the books I'm currently reading. I feel like I'm never going to finish and get to move on to TGWATG! But I will let you know the minute I do!


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