Time to look at the books I added to my shelves this week with Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews! Not necessarily books I bought - also includes books I borrowed, was given or otherwise ended up with. Weeks I don't buy any books I'll scramble around my shelves and find some I haven't shared in an StS post yet!

In the Cut - Susanna Moore
The Argonauts - Maggie Nelson

I'm looking forward to The Argonauts in particular. It's a shorter book than I expected, and I've been seeing it around a lot online.

What did you guys pick up this week? Have you read either of these? Share in the comments!


  1. Great haul this week! This is the first that I've heard of both of these books; I hope you enjoy them. I love your blog design! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. ooh nice haul, happy reading :D

    Maura @ monsterofbooks.blogspot.com

  3. Never heard of both books before, but In the Cut sounds right up my alley! Have a great weekend and happy reading!

    Here's my StS

  4. I want to read The Argonauts SO BADLY!! This is a problem I'll solve once I'm in Minnesota.

  5. I bought The Argonauts last week. I wanted to dive right into it, but my mood wasn't just right. I'm hoping I can get to it in the upcoming week when I finish Crazy Rich Asians.

  6. I also REALLY want to read The Argonauts! Most recently added to my shelf is When Women Were Birds - I started it IMMEDIATELY, and so far, so good!!!

  7. I've been seeing The Argonauts around too. I'm very interested in reading it. I read In the Cut a long, long time ago. You know it's a thriller but the synopsis. It has a few added elements that made it very different for its time.


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