THE NAME OF THE STAR - Maureen Johnson

This book grabbed my by the throat and just wouldn't let go. It's the story of Rory Devraux, a Louisiana teen whose parents relocate to Bristol (in England), giving Rory a choice of schools for her senior year of high school. She picks Wexford, a boarding school located in London - right in the area of London that served as Jack the Ripper's hunting grounds.

Which would just be an interesting and vaguely creepy historical aside if it weren't for the fact that a new string of Ripper copycat murders has begun - the first of which happened on the day Rory arrived in London.

But wait, it gets creepier. I don't want to give away how, exactly, because I think the less you know the better. Just trust me - creepier.

As the murders continue, circling closer and closer to Rory's school, friends - and eventually, to Rory herself - she has to come to terms with the fact that the killer may, in fact, be after her.

I love murder mysteries. This book is like a cross between your typical YA novel and my favourite show, Criminal Minds. An odd combination, but the result is mesmerizing. It has the perfect amount of teen drama, the perfect amount of London and the perfect amount of suspense. If this sounds like your particular brand of Bloody Mary (sorry, had to), pick it up. I doubt you'll be able to put it back down again.

OH and also - if you don't follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter, you totally should. She's always on there (pretty sure she never sleeps) and always hilarious. Find her here: @maureenjohnson.

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