Top Ten Sequels I Can't Wait to Get My Hands On

This week's Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Sequels I Can't Wait to Get My Hands On. As I've mentioned before, I don't really do series all that often. I'm more of a stand-alone book girl. But I have gotten sucked into a few. I'm going to include published sequels that have already been released, but that I haven't read yet, because otherwise there's no way I'll have more than a couple!

Sequels I Can't Wait to Get My Hands On:

1. The Lost Mission (Boy Nobody Series #2) - Allen Zadoff
Release: June 17, 2014

The cover hasn't been revealed for this one yet, so I'll give you a recap on the premise instead:

2. City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments Series #6) - Cassandra Clare
Release: May 2014

I've read the first 4 books in this series. I am saving #5 to read when this one is released, because no way will I be able to handle the wait for just the last book!

3. The Days of Anna Madrigal (The 9th Book in the Tales of the City Saga) - Armistead Maupin
Release: January 21, 2014

This isn't a sequel, exactly - more of  spinoff. It's the story of one of the beloved characters from the original Tales of the City series (see my reviews of Tales of the City and More Tales of the City) and I'm fascinated to learn more about her past, since she's in her 60s by the time we meet her in the original series.

4. The Shadow Cabinet (The Shades of London Series #3) - Maureen Johnson
Release: Unknown (but please, Maureen, make it SOON!!!!)

The cover isn't out for this one either, but this is the cover from the book that started it all. I wish this was going to be released next week. Or better yet, tomorrow. I'm dying over here!

 5. Book 5 in the Agent 21 Series - Chris Ryan
Release: Hopefully sometime!

I have no idea if there even will be another book in this series. But I really, really hope so, because I just finished the last full length book in the series so far, and it didn't feel like a series wrap-up. However I'm too scared to read the short story above, which is the 4th in the series, because I don't want to find out that's the end!

That's all the unreleased sequels (and possible sequels) I can think of right now. But here are a few newly released sequels - and a couple of book series - that I can't wait to get to!

Newly-Released Sequels:

6. Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (Book #3 in the Bridget Jones Series) by Helen Fielding
Released: October 15, 2013

Who doesn't love Bridget? I discovered her in Heathrow as I waited for a flight home from visiting family in the UK when I was about 12. I settled into my 8 hour flight, and devoured every word before the plane touched down. Bridget has been with me ever since.

7. Allegiant (Book #3 in the Divergent Series) by Veronica Roth
Released: October 22, 2013

Everyone has been talking about this - but I decided to wait until all three books had been released before diving in! I've just started Divergent - so no spoilers about any of the books, please!

Series I Can't Wait to Read:

8. The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater

I already love this author, because she makes me giggle on Twitter nearly every day. I've started Shiver, and like it very much so far. I can't wait to see where the series takes me! Oh, and each book in the series is printed with ink that matches the cover - blue, green and dark red. How cool is that??

9. The Department Q Series by Jussi Adler-Olsen

I stumbled across the second book in this mystery series from Denmark by accident at Chapters one day and thought it looked interesting. I'll admit, the "Q" reminded me of Bond and got me interested! I made a note to look into it further and promptly forgot about it - until my friend Katrin recommended it. She's an avid mystery and thriller reader, so her recommendation means something! It quickly hopped up to the top of my list, and though I haven't managed to carve out time to devote to it yet, what I've read of the first book is excellent.

10. The Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness

I honestly don't know what to expect from this - but everyone who had mentioned this series has done so positively, and I've also heard it's not what you expect. And I love (literary) surprises.

Okay, sorry for cheating a bit and including some older ones, but I wanted to make it to 10! How about you guys help me out and let me know which series I'm missing but totally shouldn't be? Clearly this is an area I need to branch out into!


  1. I can't wait to start the Chaos Walking series either. I'm so intrigued!

    1. I'm a little bit scared, though, so I think that's why I never quite get to it!

  2. Chaos Walking is fantastic! I haven't read the final book though because I'd been spoiled with the ending but I'm eager to read it again because there's a novella set after it and it looks promising. Great list!

    Chel @ The Procrastinator's Corner

    1. Aw, that sucks! I hate when endings are spoiled. Happens a lot though, because it seems I'm ALWAYS behind on series! (As you can tell by the fact that I'm only just starting Divergent!)

      Thanks for stopping by - and your opinion on Chaos Walking! Definitely need to move it up the list.

  3. I have City of Heavenly Fire on my list too! Also have just started reading Allegiant because i was too excited after finishing Insurgent, you've got some other books that look really interesting too that i may have to check out!

    Sanna @ Fanciful Fictions

    1. I've not heard any spoilers about Allegiant, but I have heard about the outrage a bunch of people reacted with. So I'm feeling less excited about reading the series, because I'm worried I'll become invested, only to be disappointed! I'm sure the curiosity will win out in the end, though!

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Thanks for mentioning me. :) You should definitely read the other Adler Olsen books as soon as possible. :) So good! :) But I guess I already told you this...
    I did not even know that there is another Bridget Jones book! I need to check it out asap!

    1. I forgot to add links - I've done so now so you're all linked up! (Forgot to write the post and was rushing to finish it before bed last night. Does not make for detail-oriented Emily!) I've started the J A-O one, and I really like it so far! I've put it aside because I'm struggling to finish up a few books I need to write reviews of ASAP, but I know I'm going to enjoy it! I haven't read it yet - I'm thinking about re-reading the first two Bridget books to remind myself of the plots first. Though I think I'll probably end up not being able to resist diving in! I've heard it's really good! :)

  5. I really hope The City of Heavenly Fire is good. I'm so ready for Jace and Clary to get their HEA!!

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. Right? I'm looking forward to marathoning the last two books as son as CoHF comes out!

  6. I really want to read Allegiant as well. I have a copy, but I need to finish a few books for review tours first. I am also currently working my way through the MI series. I am only on book 3 so far, but I am trying to catch up before the release of City of Heavenly Fire. Great List!!

    Here is my TTT: http://jacquesbooknook.blogspot.com/2013/11/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-sequels-i-cant.html

    1. I am SO behind on series reading! I purchased Allegiant because Chapters had an edition with some bonus content for a limited time and I didn't want to miss out! So now it's sitting on my shelf, looking at me reproachfully for not having read the first two yet!!

    2. Oh My Gosh!! You DEFINITELY need to read Divergent. I LOVED that book. Insurgent wasn't quite as good, but I still really enjoyed it.

    3. I've started it...but I'm frantically trying to get through some books I need to review, so it's on hold for the time being! Let me know what you think of Allegiant if you get to it first, though - I've heard some conflicting reports (fortunately no spoilers so far, knock on wood!) and part of me is worried I'll get really into Divergent/Insurgent and then be let down by Allegiant. That's also playing into why I haven't made it very far yet!

  7. LOVVEEE your list. So many awesome books that I need in my life already!!

    Check out Our TTT

    Doris @ Owl Always Be Reading


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