Veronica Mars: The BOOK. Seriously.

Ridicule if you must, but I've spent a large portion of my leftover vacation days in the past week re-watching Veronica Mars. I've watched the show a few times now, and yet somehow I just never get sick of it. Sure, the video quality doesn't seem great compared to new shows, and the fashion choices are starting to look just a wee bit dated (boot cut jeans? *gasp*), but the lead character? Timeless.

I mean seriously, can you think of a better badass girl role model for teenagers? (You know, apart from Buffy, who was the original awesome blonde ass-kicker.) Not only does she stick up for herself (and others), but she's smart, creative and persistent. All things I aspire to.

Anyway, I coincidentally stumbled across a trailer for the new Veronica Mars movie that's in the works (*squee!!!!*):

Come on. That looks awesome. Even if you weren't a fan of the original show. (Which, if you haven't watch it, should now comprise your entire Netflix lineup for the near future.)

I may or may not have also gone looking for books that bear a resemblance in plot and/or character to the show, and stumbled across this. Yes, that's right. There's going to be a Veronica Mars BOOK. Actually, a 2-part book series (and I'm already crossing my fingers for it to be a smash hit and end up with even more sequels). Do I dare hope for the awesome it has the potential to be???

The stars have really aligned, because just as I was about to publish this post, an email arrived in my inbox offering 50% off the top 50 pre-orders of 2014 at Chapters. Inclucing the Veronica Mars book. From now until Jan. 6th it's just $8.50! Yeah. You prolly wanna get on that.

(Oh, and if you're curious as to what books I found in my search for existing Veronica-esque literature, you can find a pretty good list here. Further suggestions welcomed in the comments!)


  1. I need to get my ass in gear and check all this out. Especially the show. My younger bro just about peed his pants when I showed him the trailer. I think he's excited. Maybe.

    1. You really, really do. It's so good! Also yeah, I'm about that excited too.

  2. I am also a huge VM fan girl and am so excited about the movie. Definitely now intrigued by the books as well - thanks! I already own but have not yet read Rats Saw God, a YA novel written by Rob Thomas the creator of VM. It's supposed to be pretty good though don't know if its Veronica good.

    1. Oooooh! I didn't know about that one - definitely gotta look it up. Thanks!


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